The Team

We are a small but mighty team indeed and we also coordinate with other skillsets as needed from editing to content developers to translators.
It takes a village.

 Nancy is a behaviour changer. And a public health expert. And a teacher. And she loves to develop curriculum to spark the joy of learning in a group and bring about real change. Armed with five degrees in education, sociology, public health and leadership and 30+years of experience, she has developed competency sets, toolkits, primary, secondary and tertiary school curricula, training packages for audiences from community level to ministerial. She is an expert in developing for low-resource environments which may be complex in over 100 countries to create 50+ online courses and over 500 face-to-face courses. She has worked with institutions, schools, academia, NGOs, Ministries, donors - and best of all - communities. Nancy has authored ten books on teaching, public health pedagogy and/or behaviour change. 

Nancy Claxton, Ed. D
Instructional Designer & CEO

 Marcel is a communication designer. He has a passion for games and how they can change behaviour. Marcel has worked with a variety of big, international organizations and small startups, ranging from security and financial industries to health and education. Most recently, he has shared his visual storytelling and graphic design skills to create engaging and interactive elements into any learning project. With a background in software development and more than a decade of consulting experience, Marcel is an all-round talent who keeps a fresh ‘outsider point of view’ when translating academic communication or a company's vision to an approachable and usable level for any audience. Marcel has developed visual elements for more than 30 e-courses in 6 languages.

Marcel Claxton 
Communication Designer

 Lisa is a researcher at Geneva University. She also works as consultant for policy makers to integrate behaviour change into their programs. Her dream is to use applied psychology knowledge to make the world a little better.

To reach that dream, she holds a PhD in Psychology, defended her thesis in 2017, and founded a consulting company, Behaviour Change Expertise. Both on the scientific and practitioner sides, she tries to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Lisa Moussaoui
Chief BC Researcher